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You are at the brink of starting a new chapter in your life. Once you set foot outside the campus, you will have a whole new world to explore and to learn from using the life experiences and memories you have gathered at IIT Bombay. We want to introduce you to your fellow alumni who have graduated not just from last year but all the way back to 50 years ago. Therefore, we urge you to quickly fill out the two forms given below. It has two sections:
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2. Pledge to IIT Bombay’s “GiveOne” programme

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GiveOne to IIT Bombay
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Want to be a Batch Leader? (Nominate yourself or any of your batch mates to be the Batch Leader. The Batch Leader will be the main point of contact to the Institute and will be responsible for sharing all the Institute as well as peer communication with you. After your response, we will select most eligible candidates (on the basis of peer reviews) as department/hostel wise batch leaders.)
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   Once you fill this form and click Submit, you are agreeing to become a life member of IIT Bombay Alumni Association. An amount of Rs. 1500/- +18% GST will be automatically deducted from your caution deposit as the Lifetime Membership fee. You may collect your Alumni Life Membership card from IITBAA office, 1st floor, Gulmohar Building on the day of your convocation. If you cannot collect it yourself, please authorise a friend or write to IITBAA at

P.S. For any further clarifications, drop us a line at / and we will promptly reply.